444 W Fullerton Pkwy, Chicago, IL, 60614-2866 
Full service

Located in Chicago, House of Hunan, an enchanting eatery, has been pleasing the locals with palatable food, friendly service, comfy ambience and a sanitary environment since its grand opening. It offers dine-in, take-out and delivery services. Owner Mr. Yu opened the restaurant in the hope of sharing fantastic Chinese foods with the community and helping promote healthy dining. This decent restaurant is awarded and reported every year for its excellence.

House of Hunan is large enough to seat up to 45 comfortably at any given time. It is decorated in typical Chinese style and stands out with its exterior and interior. One shining point of the decoration is the grotesque ornaments such as lanterns. The restaurant is kept spotless and the décor is inviting. The lighting is soft and relaxing and the lingering Chinese classic music adds to the already laid-back atmosphere.

Quality of food is definitely of great importance at House of Hunan. This decent establishment mainly serves Chinese cuisine, specializing in Hunan, Mandarin and Szechuan dishes. Its encyclopedia-like menu lists more than 100 dishes, with General Tso’s Chicken, Sesame Chicken, Mongolian Beef and Steamed Whole Fish being the signature dishes. Each dish is beautifully presented, garnished with exquisitely carved fruit and/or vegetables. Chefs are from Mainland China and Hong Kong and they are second-grade chef or third-grade chef. They can turn each seemingly ordinary menu item into flavorful culinary rendition that delights even the most finicky foodie. The dishes are special for the sauce used is made with secret recipe and based on the favor of the local people. At House of Hunan, the price is reasonable with Min. $5.95 for lunch and Min. $6.95 for dinner.

Another common theme that House of Hunan revolves around is “fresh”. Ingredients are purchased and delivered to restaurant at a regular basis, and only fresh and top-notch ingredients are used to prepare each dish. While dining in House of Hunan, customers can set their mind at ease about the food quality and freshness.

The quality of customer service is a factor that may make or break a restaurant. Friendly and polite staff is always ready to handle any customers’ requests or demands in a timely and organized manner. This restaurant pays great attention on building customers’ loyalty and popular band is invited to play for the customer in summer.

Come to Chicago, and stop by for a dinner at House of Hunan. You won’t be disappointed.