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Reviewed by: Elena L. on: 1/11/2014 11:13:41 AM
I received great customer service here! The lady on the phone was extremely polite and even accommodated my strange order. The food was delivered so quickly (half the time the lady said it would take)!! The food was pretty good, minus a few not so great pieces of chicken. Definitely worth the price and service regardless.
Reviewed by: Carly H. on: 12/25/2013 9:40:31 AM
I want to start this review by saying: I never write yelp reviews. As a member of the restaurant industry, doing restaurant marketing, I feel like I have to stand by my fellow restauranteurs.But tonight's experience at House of Hunan made me change my mind.Tonight, Christmas Eve, every Chinese restaurant in the country should know they will be filled, receiving a more than usual amount of orders, both in house and for take out. And thus, these restaurants having common sense should staff up.On this evening, House of Hunan did no such thing and opted instead to have what must have been one their children help out.And sadly only one. This led to having one person manning the phone, and no one able to handle the people as they came in to sit in the restaurant or pick up.See, I expected to wait. But when I was told 15 minutes over the phone I was optimistic. I walked in to wait 45 minutes to receive food that had been sitting on the counter for 20 minutes.If they hadn't accidentally given me an extra dish of someone elses, I would never return. Their loss, my gain.
Reviewed by: Allie B. on: 10/19/2013 7:20:14 AM
Great life choice! Came here for dinner tonight and everything was so good. My friend had beef snow pea pod something or other and loved it. Cheap delicious cocktails as well, and a huuuuge menu. We will be back for sure!
Reviewed by: Addison E. on: 10/17/2013 12:43:34 PM
I've had delivery from here twice and it is disgusting. I'm not picky at all about Chinese but this place is so awful. Here's what I've had:Sweet and Sour Chicken - Entirely too much breading. Have to mix yourself with the sauce which is not very good at all. Overall a terrible dish.Eggrolls - Passable but nothing special.Crab Rangoon - Cream cheese and fried dough...disgusting.Potstickers - Competitive with crab rangoon for the worst item at House of Hunan. One of the grossest consistencies of anything I've eaten.General Tso's (Called something else) - Half decent. Way too much breading but sauce was decent and spicy. Doesn't make up for anything else.
Reviewed by: Adam E. on: 10/14/2013 4:12:39 AM
Won't be ordering again, one of the worst chinese deliveries orders I've had. When it comes to chinese food i'm generally not very pickyHere's the breakdownWonton Soup : hot in temperature yes, but bland and flavorless, a theme that will be recurring.Egg Rolls: soggy but slightly flavorful. If these weren't so soggy they'd be more passible.Crab Rangoon: Soggy undercooked dough overshadowed the flavor. Not sure how you mess this one up.Szechwan Broccoli: A very thin and spicy sauce was on the bottom but the broccoli itself was mostly flavorless and just hot in terms of after taste of the spice. Broccoli itself was cooked decently and could have been good if there was something to it other than just heat.Mongolian Beef: Very little flavor of any sort. Soggy shoots of some sort underneath and the beef was fairly tough. Zero flavor, but perhaps my pallette was still on fire from the broccoli. Tiny peppers and tiny onions.Kung Pao Chicken: Tasteless other than some heat. Hard to tell from eating it that it was different from the beef other than that it was more tender, and i could definitely denote the peanuts.White Rice:The highlight of the main course, not that it was good, but this in itself says something. Normally I barely touch the white rice and throw it away. If I could tell them to give me less I would. But here it was the only thing I could cut some of the excessive heat with.Sorry folks, this one is a big thumbs down.
Reviewed by: Paige W. on: 10/9/2013 7:44:22 AM
I ordered delivery from house of Hunan today and was not really impressed or blown away. They have a 20 dollar minimum order, which is difficult to get to when you're only ordering for your sad, lonely, sorry self. After tax, delivery charge, and tip, it was close to 30.I ordered:Egg rolls- decent. Crispy.Fried wonton- dry and flavor less.Sweet and sour chicken- dry and favor less.Fried rice- the only decent part of my meal.They put in a lot of extra sauces and stuff, but there was no napkins, chop sticks, disposable silverware. Super lame.Bottom line- the fried rice was the only good part of the meal. Will definitely not be ordering here again.
Reviewed by: Jeff H. on: 9/23/2013 1:22:21 AM
After scouring the internet for a good new chinese delivery place in near north, I picked Hunan because of reviews. This was just horrible. The food arrived after an hour and 20 mins. The food was just bad. No flavor, fishy smell, beige, etc.... There were 4 of us and none of us liked out food, nor were able to finish eating the food. Very disappointed, would advise you go elsewhere.
Reviewed by: Brian F. on: 9/4/2013 9:49:48 AM
Kind of pathetic really. We arrived one evening to experience a restaurant in chaos. Our food was delivered hot and fairly fast. The problem was that the phone didn't stop ringing the entire time we were there. Some poor soul actually showed up at the restaurant to find our where her food delivery was (probably because no one would answer the phone) only to find out that it had already left the restaurant. I asked the manager why he let the phone ring and he said he was too busy to answer it. I offered to unplug it for him and he didn't bat an eye. Just unbelievable!Service was friendly enough. Food was just ok. The best dish was cashew chicken. It was simply nerve racking to sit there and listen to the phone ringing for 45 minutes during our meal. We won't be back.
Reviewed by: Matthew H. on: 9/1/2013 6:15:29 AM
Great food, great prices, friendly people. Go-to Chinese food for me in the city. Also nice enough to deliver downtown or to Ravenswood for me when I moved away from Lincoln Park. Fried rice salted perfectly, meat was flavorful, great kung pow and sesame chicken. Overall wonderful place, food, and people
Reviewed by: Mihir P. on: 8/28/2013 9:38:10 AM
A very good Chinese restaurant outside of Chinatown in a city that seems to have the majority Chinese restaurants crammed into its Chinatown - does that make sense?Pro's: CHEAP! Crispy duck, beef teriyaki, and fried eggpant. Sweet service.OK: Pork in garlic sauce (could have used more garlic)Meh: shrimp toast - tasted a lot of toast but not much shrimpIt's kind of divey, but it's cheap good Chinese food in Lincoln Park.
Reviewed by: Maj B. on: 8/26/2013 2:29:35 AM
Pretty sure I left here with a good amount of MSG in my blood. We ordered the Hunan Beef, general tso chicken (asked for the chicken not to be breaded or fried), and crab rangoon. All the items either didn't have much flavor or were too mushy/ tough. I generally like my general tso to be spicy and this was very mild. I was pleased by the amount of vegetables in the Hunan Beef.
Reviewed by: Paul L. on: 8/26/2013 6:35:17 AM
Honestly this place is one of the best Chinese restaurants I've had food from in Chicago. I ordered kung pao chicken: it was fresh, not greasy, and the chicken was not "mystery chicken". It was also moderately spicy... So the Kung pao was definitely there, unlike so many Chicago Chinese restaurants.Delivery was fast and polite. I will order from here again without question.
Reviewed by: Steve F. on: 8/21/2013 11:24:16 AM
I can't say enough good things about House of Hunan. My friends and I would eat there every Sunday night for about 3 straight years. As we moved out of the neighborhood, our frequency in the restaurant was less, but I would still order for delivery. The Hot & Sour Soup is the perfect blend of taste and spice, the Crab Rangoon is delicious, and the Chicken with String Beans is the perfect way to end a weekend. The portions are very generous which will usually allow for an extra meal during the week.The service is beyond amazing. Jenny knows how to roll out the red carpet of hospitality.House of Hunan is the benchmark I rate all Chinese food restaurants against.
Reviewed by: Amy A. on: 7/21/2013 5:30:49 AM
ugh, I am still in search of a good chinese delivery in Chicago. It was not so good and i was soooo bummed. First, the delivery guy called me and made me come down and go outside to get my order. What? Food was not good. Ordered crab wontons, scallion pancake, general tso chicken and dragon and phoenix. Cloyingly sweet, meat was tough, just not good. Panda Express is better than this...and that is not saying a whole lot.
Reviewed by: Alex Z. on: 3/9/2013 11:50:00 PM
I would not return here by choice ever again. My friends and I used to go here a lot, but I think we kept going back because the first time we were there we didn't have enough money for the bill, and the food was really shitty so it was a ridiculous experience as it was.We were probably 14 or 15, sophomore's in high school, and it was after football practice. We really wanted Chinese one day, and we happened upon this place. I remember that the crispy duck was really awful, and most of the other dishes were not very good and they always left you feeling weighed down and groggy.I'd steer clear of this place. Just go to Five Guys or any of the other restaurants across Clark.
Reviewed by: Aimee B. on: 2/11/2013 3:34:00 PM
Favorite go-to Chinese place!
Reviewed by: Todd W. on: 2/7/2013 1:35:00 AM
Cheap, greasy, and quick Chinese...the perfect combo for a hungry young adult like myself. The interior of the place is kind of worn out, and there was always the same guy sitting at the bar drinking a Heineken. Definitely not a bad option for quick takeout.
Reviewed by: Jack P. on: 1/10/2013 9:20:00 AM
I had a meal here for the first time when a group of us was looking for a quick and inexpensive lunch option in the neighborhood. The place does not have much "curb appeal," sitting as it were in the bottom of an old high-rise plaza with a cleaners and another small breakfast restaurant. So, my first surprise was how fairly spacious it is inside and fairly attractive in its Chinese Diner style. The staff there was very accommodating as we were a group of six. They fluffed up a good spot for us, brought on the hot tea and menus, and we were on our way.We all focused on the lunch specials which varied from $6.75 to 7.25, and included soup, egg roll and an entree. We ordered a variety for sharing. I chose the Hunan Beef. Better than I'd expected- the vegetables were all fresh and crispy, and the beef tender. I also liked my neighbor's black bean chicken. "Spicy" here is not very. I think tastes are geared for the Midwestern vs. the Hunan palate. I would probably order extra spicy the next time. Hot and sour soup was pretty flavorful, but lacking in tofu. The egg roll was just OK.We had a very sweet server, who while it was not expected kept our tea cups refilled and water glasses full. So I have to say the place exceeded my expectations on service. ambiance and food; and for $8.00-9.00 per person tax and tip, it was a really good value. I would definitely come back to eat in again. I'm guessing that dinners here won't break your bank either. Cheap eats in 60614. Always a treat.
Reviewed by: Steve H. on: 1/8/2013 9:08:00 AM
Wow, the most BLAND Kung pao chicken I've ever ordered from a Chinese restaurant. I threw it away after two bites since it tasted so awfully wrong.At least my side of veggie fried rice was okay so I didn't starve to death. But who can screw that simple dish up truly??
Reviewed by: Aaron Jae M. on: 1/4/2013 3:50:00 PM
I have never actually been here but I have ordered delivery from them several times.It is regular old Chinese food but done better than the average place. I'm very satisfied with their portion size and there are always leftovers.I typically order through grubhub and delivery times are regular. Never had a problem with tardiness.
Reviewed by: Michael C. on: 12/24/2012 5:05:00 AM
If you want decent delivery Chinese food at your door within a reasonable amount of time ( less than 45 minutes for Gold Coast), this is your place.Order $20 or more of food and they throw in fried wonton chips.Their fried rice is great although I prefer more flavor - nothing a good portion of Siracha can't fix!
Reviewed by: Iman W. on: 12/5/2012 8:24:00 AM
Their potstickers are huge and I'm not quite sure what's supposed to be inside of them, but I still order them. I'm not sure what that says about me.I feel like the eggrolls would make a good post-drinking choice, mine were a bit on the greasy side...exactly what I need after leaving a bar, but not so much when I'm on a lunch break.No complaints about the fried rice. That's usually what I order and it's plentiful and pretty yummy.The crab rangoon isn't the best I've had in the city but not the worst either. Certainly not the worst. I'm sure somewhere in my review archive, I've probably discussed the worst.Prompt service, I normally do a carryout order and it's never not ready when I get there. The staff seems pleasant enough. Most importantly, I've never gotten sick from their food. Yes, I will mention this in darn near every restaurant review that I do because it's just that important. All in all, a fairly solid place for a quick Chinese fix.
Reviewed by: Beverly M. on: 12/2/2012 7:34:00 AM
Was once OK, now A Big Do Not Eat Here.....They used to have a decent hot/sour noodle soup....I was craving some so placed order and went home...The soup tasted like brown dish water...Unacceptable.....So I went back to the place aske thed front person to please try, as I thought something was not right...She argued with me, "we changed noodles, this is hot/sour soup"....No I repeated this is warm brown dish water.. At this point any person in retail trying to sell a product, would have said, "customer you are right"..."I will refund you"....DONE !!!!...No she stands there telling me am wrong and this is good soup...Eek Methinks not.....Better place in Chgo to go...This one no..............
Reviewed by: Matthew L. on: 11/29/2012 7:48:00 AM
So as much as I have been a loyal follower of this place for 3+ years my wife and I are cutting ties. The food is the perfect "bad" Chinese food, but the delivery service and communication is just becoming unbearable. Our most recent deliveries have consistently been taking longer. Tonight we waited over 1:35 for two courses while living 1 mile away. Having worked as a Chinese delivery boy for several years, being one of four English speakers in the building who weren't patrons, I understand the communication issues. But at some point I'd rather just know and come pick it up, and if not, I'd prefer a "sorry" or a special delivery run like my boss used to have us make (or he'd do himself if need be), as opposed to the normal "the driver will be there shortly" line; and then to wait for a knock that finally comes when you're cancelling your order.
Reviewed by: Victor V. on: 10/24/2012 9:12:00 AM
As always with restaurants, everything begins with the location, but ends with the food. Hunan is in a perfect spot: a little cozy niche at Fullerton and Clark, underneath the streetwalk level. The winter Hunan doesn't look as welcoming as the summer one, as the little patio makes all the difference.The food is wonderful: still please go to Chinatown for colorful ambiance and more variety, but stay in Hunan for just plain good food. General Tso, for example, more than earned his stripes.The last but not the least is the Matre'D, a lovely and very professional young lady by the name Aizhen. She will pour you a generous drink while presenting you with the smile, and both will warm your heart.
Reviewed by: Katie R. on: 9/28/2012 7:28:00 PM
i was craving some standard chinese fare and ordered here based on the reviews. thanks guys, it wasn't that great!! i forgive you, though.both dishes were bland but decent, definitely not what i would consider good. my veggie egg rolls had some SUPER, scarily crunchy bits inside. not everything on the menu has descriptions, so when i got my soup it had huge chunks of chicken in it that i wasn't expecting. i guess that's not really their fault since i didn't bother to call to ask.free delivery and (crunchy) eggrolls with a $25 order though, and decent food. very easy to order online, as well.
Reviewed by: Vee M. on: 7/20/2012 10:30:00 AM
The food was OK- I was pretty mad at the customer service: I ordered a Pad Thai and they didn't give me a lime, so I asked for one and they said they didn't have one- LIE - I don't believe them.
Reviewed by: Dana O. on: 4/19/2012 9:15:00 AM
Okay I had to give this place the top rating because of their superb customer service.Used their online ordering service to get food from here a couple of weeks ago and something went wrong with the payment. The money came off my card, but they didn't show I had paid at the restaurant. It could have turned into a huge fiasco, but they ended up just calling me back and saying that they understood that the money had come off my card and that they would send the food out. The woman said she would call me if they couldn't locate my payment by the next day, but no one ever called so I'm assuming they figured out the error.I ordered from here again yesterday and they forgot the pineapple smoothie that was supposed to go with my order. They forgot it, and when I realized that 20 minutes into eating my food I called them right away. The woman on the phone apologized about a million times and said that they would send one over immediately. Needless to say, I got my shake in about 10 minutes and they had clearly made me a new one because it was still frozen and frosty. Might I add that it was also superbly delicious!Thanks for having great customer service and really knowing how to deal with problems House of Hunan! Not only do you have EXCELLENT and fresh Chinese food, but I know that if anything ever goes wrong I won't end up in a screaming match with your employees. There are an overabundance of rude restaurant workers in this city, so I am exceptionally grateful for House of Hunan.
Reviewed by: Rick T. on: 3/4/2012 4:00:00 AM
The business model here relies on delivery and carry out for 95% of the revenue. The other 5% comes from a creepy guy who sits at the bar drinking Heineken while flipping the TV between MSNBC and CNN. He usually leaves after Hardball.Potstickers taste like they're filled with Jimmy Dean's breakfast sausage. +1 star for that.
Reviewed by: Danielle M. on: 2/24/2012 12:49:00 PM
3.5 stars. I could tell it was Fresh ingredients. Chicken fried rice very good. Spring roll was fine. General tso's was decent-- I could see why some people like jt. It is more sweet / sour than spicy.Ordered online and Delivery on time. Finally found a safe choice for Chinese food at least. Have had some pretty disgusting other places. would order from here again and probably get different entree.
Reviewed by: Christina F. on: 1/29/2012 9:50:00 AM
I'm a sucker for a good crab Rangoon. Nothing in the Chi has compared to the ones I used to get in my hometown in New England. With that being said House of Hunan's were decent. Definitely better than most in Chicago, but in terms of mine back home, they don't compare.I also ordered teriyaki chicken and spring rolls. The spring rolls were kind of gross. They had some sort of bitterness to them which forced me to toss them. The teriyaki chicken was not what it was described as. It came breaded and fried and with a thick sauce. The sauce wasn't bad, but the actual chicken had that weird taste to it.I ordered it as take out and when I got home, I discovered a bag of what looked like wontons that I saw the lady stuffing in the restaurant (I went at an off-hour). When I tried them, they had some sort of sweet sugar mixture on them. Dipping them into the teriyaki sauce made the meal at least redeeming.The service was alright. Food mediocre at best. If I want Chinese I'll head over to Bamboo Garden on Belmont!
Reviewed by: C M. on: 1/25/2012 5:00:00 PM
This review is almost 2 years in the making. Basically, it's about darn time I got around to writing it.Anywho, my husband & I moved to LP in July 2010 and were pretty thrilled to be fairlly close to a Chinese place. Our first trip was dining in. Good experience, but for whatever reason, we've become solely takeout people. It's all good though.We love the food. My only gripe is occasionally the sesame chicken (our go-to order) is dry. Other than that, everything we've ordered has been good. Egg drop soup is yummy, and the won ton soup is amazing. LOVE it. I got home from Christmas with the family and had missed it so much I ordered it three days in a row. Oops!Like I said, we mostly order sesame chicken. It's really good. Just the right amount of spice and yummy flavor. General Tso's is also really good, a bit spicier than the sesame. It tastes good and is also good for clearing out the sinuses.Fried rice is also good, egg rolls are good, sweet & sour chicken is decent (but not our favorite). We haven't had anything bad from there. Even when the chicken is slightly dry, it's still pretty good.All in all, we get food from there fairly often and it's pretty darn good. The sugared crispy cracker-like baked noodle things (the real name escapes me right now, but it's definitely not that!) they throw in with the takeout is a nice bonus. Taste pretty good too. The non sugared version is really good with soups, but I don't know if they have them or not (I would assume so, since HOH is the only place I've seen them with sugar-they probably do that themselves).The owner is a really nice guy. A few times we've needed to pick up food a little past closing, and they never mind. He told us one time that he's always there till 10:30 anyway (days when they close at 10), so it's not a problem. Still, we don't like to do that often, only when we're trying to get home from the gym and the bus is slow. Really nice of them to let us pick up after closing, and we always make sure to be no more than 10 minutes late. Great service and friendly staff help to make this place a success.TIP: They don't take credit/debit cards for purchases under $10, so keep that in mind when ordering and make sure to have cash if you're under their minimum.
Reviewed by: ST on: 2010-12-27
This restaurant is all the famous American!
Reviewed by: 0 on: 2010-09-27
Reviewed by: VV on: 2010-09-11
Reviewed by: VV on: 2010-09-11
Reviewed by: VV on: 2010-09-11
Reviewed by: VV on: 2010-09-11
Reviewed by: 0 on: 2010-08-19
Reviewed by: Zach Freeman on:
Zach Freeman Hidden slightly below street-level, down a short set of stairs, this self-proclaimed location for the "Best Chinese Food in Town" is sandwiched between the glass fronts of a small gym and another restaurant. ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2001-01-23
its a small place just off of fullerton the food is the best. parking is the only problem the service is jus as good as the food which is a plus because you may have to walk a few blocks from where ever you are lucky enough to find a parking ...?
Reviewed by: nathanstull_citysearch on: 2002-08-29
This location is in a very busy part of town, but that doesn't matter much if you order food for delivery. They are pretty fast too. I like the staples: pot stickers, sesame chicken. The triple delight is also very good. ...?
Reviewed by: Jay on: 2006-06-01
Excellent Chinese food with a great diverse menu. Highly recommend the salt and pepper shrimp special and the sesame chicken dishes. If you order a side of fried rice (the combination fried rice is excellent) or noodles (great lo mein), ...?
Reviewed by: rockandbisous on: 2006-12-18
There isn't a huge selection of Chinese Food in the area, so pretty much this is it. Staff is nice. Sesame Chicken is great. Also they give you these sugary wontons that are kind of fun. ...?
Reviewed by: jerrybrownid on: 2006-12-22
I have always had good food from House of Hunan delivered and eat-in. Their lunch specials are unreal for the amount/courses you get. The couple that run it are very eager to please and want you to be happy with their food and service--they ...?
Reviewed by: dan360man on: 2008-11-30
The title says it all, but don't come here expecting good service. And for $6.95, the Singapore Rice Noodles is a bargain. Try it -- you won't be disappointed. ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2009-01-06
I love a good Chinese place so when my office was being treated to House of Hunan, I was pretty excited to try something new...something that had great reviews as well! I ordered the Sweet and Sour chicken and my colleagues had various other dishes. I could not find one person in our group who liked their food...in fact most of us could not even finish what we had ordered. Add to that our order was delivered and did not include the ordered and charged for appetizers. When we called to report the missing appetizers they said "are you sure you did not miss is?" Are you kidding me? I was certainly not calling to tell you how great the food is...wow! Needless to say I will not be ordering from here ever again...the menu went immediately into the trash.?